FSSAI Registration in Pune | FSSAI Registration Consultants in Pune

FSSAI Registration in Pune

FSSAI Registration in Pune | FSSAI Registration Consultants in Pune

What is Mumbai FSSAI Registration? ( Food License) PRINCIPAL, STATE, AND CENTRAL
Registration with FSSAI is required for everyone active in the food sector. Whether your firm involves food processing, food manufacturing, packaging, distributing, or retailing, you are required to obtain an FSSAI registration.
The registration/license is issued by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), an organisation that supervises food enterprises in accordance with the FSSAI Act 2006's enumerated standards and regulations.
FSSAI License Registration Advantages in Pune
In addition to being a requirement for your food business, FSSAI registration also confers the following benefits:
• It creates trust and credibility among your customers • The FSSAI logo is widely recognised and can therefore ensure goodwill among consumers • Hygiene and cleanliness are regulated and adhered to when FSSAI registration is involved • You can create better work policies or improve them through access to studies • New knowledge about the industry is shared with you, which will help you to improve your safety standards and aid you in reaching the standards of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
Who Must Submit an Application for an FSSAI License in Pune?
Everyone in the food sector must register with FSSAI, including hawkers, house vendors, and major food chains. Regardless of whether you operate online or offline, are a local player, or import or export food items, you are required to register with FSSAI. Based on their size and operating locations, businesses must get one of the three registrations/licenses described below.
If your business falls into any of the following categories, you must obtain a food licence:
• Procurement \s• Manufacture \s• Distribution \s• Processing \s• Packaging \s• Storage \s• Selling
In other words, an individual or business that handles food ingredients from farm to plate must receive a food licence from the FSSAI.

Penalty for Not Registering
A food business operator (FBO) who operates their business without registering with FSSAI may risk imprisonment and a fine of up to 5 lakhs in addition to losing their FSSAI licence.
Mumbai FSSAI Food License Categories
According to the FSSAI Act of 2006, all food enterprises must be registered and licenced under one of the following three categories:
Basic Online Food License Registration in Pune
It is the principal type of registration provided to firms with a revenue of up to around 12 lakhs per year.
Regardless of annual revenue, caterers must apply for a state licence and not a basic FSSAI registration.
FSSAI State Permit
Companies with profits over 12 lakhs are required to obtain a state licence.
FSSAI Central Licence
The central registration is for enterprises with an annual revenue of more than 20 crores.
Companies who serve food to government offices/departments and those engaged in food import/export, an online platform, franchise operations, or hotel/restaurant chains are also required to obtain a central licence.
Required Documents for FSSAI Registration - Mumbai
Depending on the kind of registration and the sort of food business you operate, you must submit different documentation for registration.
FSSAI Licence Registration
• Passport-sized photograph of the authorised person [self-attested]
• Front and back of the Aadhar card of the authorised individual [self-attested]
• Address verification of the business location [lease agreement/electricity bill from the previous month/permission] landlord's
• Statement signed by the authorised signatory
State & Central Licence
• Passport-sized photographs of the directors/partners/owners • Aadhaar and PAN cards as proof of identity for directors/partners/owners
• Address verification of the business location [lease agreement/electricity bill from the previous month/permission] landlord's
• Photograph of the property [8 to 9 photographs]
• A blueprint of the premises • A list of food items on the company's letterhead [with a signature and seal]
• Machines list (if any) on company letterhead [with seal and signature].
Manufacturing Facilities
In addition to the aforementioned documentation, manufacturing units must also submit the following:
• The floorplan of the warehouse, plant, etc. • A list of all equipment • A water analysis report • A list of all food types

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